Quadrupedia plywood chair stool

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New brand from the Ksenija Jurinec personal products collection, called Quarupedia inspired by traditional wooden stool and toys. The basic form of clean lines repeated in variations making a modern, sophisticated and innovative collection of products that can be freely combined and integrated into all types of interior and exterior. The products are of superior quality, foldable, waterproof and characterized by the exceptional strength and ease as a result of a systematic approach to composition and structure of the products of plywood. Sets elegant, timeless footstools, benches and tables are designed in five height seating. Worked fairy tale and a hard wax oil, available in a wider range of colors of your choice.

Kits (chair for one person and a bench for two, square and rectangular table) are designed for low seating, standard height seating, bar and high bar height seating. With baby chair complete the table.

Photo: Dag Oršić

Quadrupedia W-Quadrupedia-plywood-chair-stoolW-Quadrupedia-plywood-stool W-Quadrupedia-plywood-stool2 W-Quadrupedia-plywood-table-chair1W-Quadrupedia-plywood-table-chair2