Oleum Viride extra virgin olive oil Olea BB packaging

The story of extra virgin olive oil “Oleum Viride”, owned by family Belic, started when Mr. Belic bought a small olive grove for his wife as a marriage anniversary gift. Today at 5 sites and 11 hectares with 5500 olive trees of carefully chosen sorts, Mrs. Belic, B. Sc. (agriculture) revitalized a few indigenous sorts of olives, out of which the idea was born to discover the distinctive taste of each oil produced from them separately.

Colors used in design of labels for each sort are obtained through stylizing colors of olive fruits in its early and late stages of maturation. Gained palette of colors is just fascinating, surprising and handful of emotions and associations. Discovered personality and diversity of identities of each one sort of olive oil, it’s colors and taste, reaches their fullnes and power of gourmet pleasure in mixed sorts of olive oil. Colors palette of one sort olive oil collection, its cheerfulness, temperament and strength, provokes curiosity to discover and get to know each one of their joyful, magical aromas, tastes and especially it is provoking a desire for culinary experimenting with these gourmet spices, for top-level enjoyment.

Round, elegant, narrow and high bottles have CSR plug with a one way stopping ball for fine dosing and protection of authenticity of oil.
The label is designed in two levels. All individual colors are gathered in the background level of the lable to obtain the synergy of united individuals of each sort. This gave a strong stamp to brand identity. In the foreground of the label is a single colour form, further highlighted with the combination of matt plastification and glossy lacque. Logo, based on clear associative symbol is dominating on a front level of bottle lable and on a simple black secondary packaging box.
Due to placement of the product in to hospitality industry, high esthetic and elegant values where carefuly looked after within design process. The attributes for image branding of the packaging box, where stop folds on the top form in to the shape of intertwined olives which gives them a very expressive gift character.

The clearity of rich colors and form, as well as distinctive image, makes the product easily recognizeable among the many other olive oil brands.