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Are you ready to renew your room with a modern twist? Freshen it up with some daring décor, or make a stylish statement with a new lighting setup?

Interior design forecasts reveal that since we’re surrounded, often immersed, in artificial intelligence and technology for work and play, people are looking to plants, natural materials and forms for balance. As sustainability continues to be important, this will also translate into more worn or aged furnishings and accents, mixed in with personal treasures. As the borders blur between work and home life, more abstract ideas such as landscapes, aquatic and botanical themes are taken as an example to develop new decorative products.

Back to Nature

We take more and more nature into our homes, such as green plants, herbs, and images of sea, clouds, animals, and even toy or sculpture animals. Papirli are set of lamps inspired by tree leaves in nature park Medvednica. Its homogeneous blend of natural, organic and pure geometric forms is creating a distinctive, relaxing atmosphere. The fullness of beauty if accomplished by illumination of this special plastic paper with subtle reflection and diffusion and by its light mobile swinging.