Interior design projects range from residential, leisure, work, business, tourism or retail spaces to interventions within old structures, and extends from the whole building to the details, products and identity.

In the design process Ksenija brings together interdisciplinary teams of top experts with whom a strategic alliance to create innovative, high-quality and sustainable solutions. The process involves the complete responsibility for the project from the first sketch and idea to the execution on site, including monitoring the quality of the design intent so that is translated into reality during construction.

Achieve the target does not mean just scoping visual impression. Design is based on the principles with which designer takes care of security, reduction of costs, optimization of energy efficiency, takes care of the health and environment, improves productivity, comfort, flexibility and ease of use, as well ad common good.

Creative process is inspired by architectural context and spirit of the place, its historical and cultural background, climate and morphology, as well as business strategy, life or work style. Design concept it determined by the needs of users that determine functionality, choice of forms and materials, combination of tradition and technology.

The value of interior design can be measured in human and business terms as: higher productivity, environmental and economic sustainability, improved creativity and innovation, lasting aesthetic value, better acoustics, natural lighting, air comfort, increased patronage or sold.
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The stages of the process are:
– Analysis
– Research
– Strategy
– Concept design
– Cost Estimation
– Corporate identity
– Installations and exhibitions
– Decorations
– Pictograms
– Web-design
– Publishing and promotional design
– Detailed design
– Site supervision
– Landscaping