Ksenija is designing multidisciplinary for individuals and entrepreneurs helping them to infuse more of their personality and expertise into their environment, products and branding. She applies her keen emotional intelligence and she brings a stylish approach to everything she does. Ksenija works with her clients to really get to know their unique style. Once she has an idea of what makes their personality stand out, she helps them to build a goal oriented, bottom line results.

Ksenija weaves multiple areas of design from interior design, product design, packaging design to visual communication. Her work includes the overall responsibility for a project, from the first idea and sketches through to the execution, including monitoring the quality of the design intent, so that it is translated into reality. She gathers outsourced teams of experts.

Believing that the quality of our environment and the system can improve the quality of life, Ksenija is basing her projects on 10 principles that ensure the security, reduce costs, optimize energy efficiency, health and environment, improving productivity and general well being as well as she is inspired by the architectural context, the spirit of the place, life / working style and needs of the customers.

She won significant awards for design at home and abroad, from the Chancellor’s Award, a lifetime achievement award from B.Bernardi Foundation to the prestigious Red Dot Award. Her works have been published in the media and professional literature, shown in numerous exhibitions internationally and become part of the permanent museum collections.